Day 3 - (Copiapo)

Hi, this is Paula and we are on Day 3

Today Chile gave us another fantastic sunrise to have breakfast to. We repacked our not inconsiderable kit, loaded up the minibus (after a short impromptu yoga session with Cat) and headed back to Santiago Airport for our internal flight to Copiapo

After yesterday’s long hike the travelling gave everyone’s blisters a chance to rest and the reduction in altitude also allowed those of us with mild symptoms to reset our systems. (And I can strongly recommend the Chilean double quarter pounder from a regular fast food restaurant!!) We landed in Copiapo and were driven to Bahia Inglesas where we will be spending the night. From what we’ve seen so far it’s a little shanty town on the coast and the weather is scorching. We’ve met our Lead guide, Eduardo, and will be leaving here at 10am tomorrow for a 300km drive to the Pedernales Salt Flats. Everyone is in great spirits and looking forward to the next stage

I’d also like to give a shout out to our sponsor “Genesis” for their support and our coveted Leaping Lady pins