Day 7 - (Laguna Verde)

Hi, Linsey speaking

It’s day 7! Which was a rest day for us.

We awoke to some incredible views of Laguna Verde! We are sleeping at an altitude of 4350m, which is higher than our first summit, so there were some tired faces at breakfast this morning as sleeping is more difficult while our bodies adjust to the change in oxygen levels.

Today we had a nice trek up to 5000m. There was no pressure for us to summit a peak or really push ourselves, but there was definitely some nerves before we set off, especially from the girls who suffered the effects of altitude on the last peak. The nerves soon disappeared though, and  it was lovely to hear everyone talking and laughing while we walked. Our acclimatisation plan is obviously working and we made it to 5000m in great time, with everyone feeling strong! We even managed to lie and chill for half an hour and take in the amazing views!

Today has massively boosted our confidence for our long day climbing San Francisco tomorrow. We know this huge 6000m peak will be no walk in the park, but we are putting into practice what we have learned from Rob at Judgement Index, and Mark from PDS Coaching, and our team is strong and ready for what lies ahead! 👊

The hot springs were also a nice touch at the end of a great day!


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